Ammonite is the online persona of Scottish 3D artist Glen Johnston who likes to talk in the 3rd person apparently.
Glen grew up in a tiny village at the bottom of Scotland that is approximately 90% caravan park 10% bad internet connection so naturally a career in animation was the obvious choice. After couple years of teaching himself animation he packed up all his stuff and made his way up to Glasgow. After a few years of working at a studio and dabbling in game development he took the plunge and became a full time freelance animator.

Glen is obsessed with everything animation and has developed a very wide skill set being able to put his hand to all parts of the 3D animation process. Being a generalist allows him to take large projects from start to finish himself.
Career highlights include working on an award nominated international Christmas advert for Papa Johns, helping build a functioning sci-fi helmet from the video game Anthem for EA, completing the VFX for Between You and Me a music video for One Bit and Louisa Johnson and the visual acid trip that is the German Doner Kebab advert (Trust me, go to "WORK" and watch the German Doner Kebab advert, it is insane a company green lit that project.)
If you have an animation you need made drop me an email at glen@ammoniteanimation and lets get something sorted.
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