Okay, time to get a little bit soppy but this is such a big moment that “WE” can finally share. A couple of months ago Glen finally took the plunge and moved from freelance 3D artist to small business owner and started Ammonite as an official studio! Now we have Thomas Salgarella on the team as a director and who is dealing with all the businessy stuff that a childish artist like myself (Glen) would 100% ignore and make a mess of and to help Glen out with all the animating we have hired Jo, a fantastic 3D artist.

This has always been my goal since I started messing around with 3D 10 years ago and now it is actually here it is overwhelming. These last few months have been the happiest working experience of my life without a doubt. Working with a great team you can trust and rely on lifts so much of the burden of running the whole business off your shoulders so you can focus on what it is your best at and hopefully pick up some new skills in the process.

This is such a big moment for Ammonite that just a simple post announcing the company wasn’t going to cut it so we did what we do best and made an animation. I am happy to present The Story Of Ammonite.

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