At our core, we are driven by a need to create, regardless of the medium, we are only content when we're proud of our work or are improving our skills. We are not inherently business oriented in the traditional sense, money is not our primary motivation or our end goal, it is a necessity and a means to achieve our goals.  We are a very talented and very driven team, that puts creativity at the forefront of everything we do, we just happen to be great animators.
Ammonite was founded in 2018 by Head Honcho Glen Johnston. Glen discovered his passion for 3D art while living at home in Southerness and soon moved to Glasgow to pursue a career in the industry. After 4 years of working in the industry and living in Glasgow, Glen decided to start his own animation studio, thus Ammonite.
Ammonite was named as such due to Glen's appreciation for the link between the sea creatures and the Fibonacci spiral.
"ammonite" is the name of a group of sea creatures that all have a shell that mimics the shape of the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci spiral is a mathematical formula that appears in nature and is used in art to create compositional guidelines, aka, the golden rule.
The logo was designed to be a geometric representation of the Fibonacci spiral. Glen actually has a tattoo of this as well as a few ammonite shells about the office.
At the time of writing this we have been open for business for 1 year and since then, we like to think we have accomplished quite a lot. We've worked on an X Factor winners music video, we've created ads for international brands, helped make working a sci-fi helmet with Sorenzo Studios and released multiple shorts that have all performed very well, one of which went viral in Argentina (don't ask how because we don't really know). 
While we can produce a wide range of animated styles our speciality lies in 3D animation, think of us as Glasgow's version of Disney, minus the mouse and the trillion dollar empire. So if you're in the market for some stellar animations, want a quote or even just a chat, then drop us an email on our contact page.
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