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━  Our Story

about us

Ammonite is a small animation studio based in Scotland.
We focus on creative and quirky 3D animation, so if you’re looking for 3D experts, look no further.

Our Passion

We love adding wit and whimsy into our work and, with our innovative approach to animation, we aim to produce something truly unique on every project. From character animation to 3D product visualisation, and from marketing material to motion graphics (and a lot more!), we’ve got you covered.

Our Story

Ammonite was founded by Glen Johnston and Thomas Salgarella and together they lead a small team of talented artists with the collective goal of creating not only great animations and 3D renderings, but, perhaps more importantly, a great studio.

We thrive on challenges – the crazier, the better. Whether it’s for advertising, gaming, marketing, or architecture, we’ve got the talent and tools to bring your ideas to life. Got a wild idea? We’re up for the adventure.

━  How we work

Our studio and all-star team of artists have been around long enough to know how to make a killer project but not so long that we've grown to hate everything. Right in the sweet spot baby!


1. Get in touch

Let’s discuss your project in detail.


2. Get an estimation

We’ll provide you with an estimation of cost and timings.


3. Working wonders

The creative process begins! We’ll start working on the project, keeping in touch regularly and implementing feedback as needed.


4. Project is done!

We’ll get all the deliverables to you in a precise and timely manner.

Design is

the future

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2014 — Conveniently initiate mission-critical.

2018 — Distinctively grow backward-compatible.

2019 — Energistically communicate inexpensive.

2021 — Conveniently initiate mission-critical.


Structure Design

Web Development​

Graphic Desig​

Bug Report​

Marketing Strategy​

Uniquely incentivize

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