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We loved working on and giving life (well, a short life, but still) to these 5 wee rascals. And yes, if you enjoy this, you just might be as messed up as we are.

In the world of 3D animation creativity knows no limits, that’s why we created these fun animation shorts. Does your business need a 3D animation of a random object killing itself, or just a normal animation of some kind that doesn’t involve death? Send us a message and let’s get this started (or we will just keep finding more objects to kill).

Yo-Yo Oops!

We’re sure this Yo-Yo had a life full of ups and downs before this string-ent mishap. 

Time’s up

If waking up meant getting to watch these hated machines perish by their own doing we think the morning would be a much more pleasant experience.


Glen looked at the pepper, the pepper looked at Glen. And at that point, it was a fight to the peppery end. 

Cutting edge character animation

Health and safety in the workplace is our priority. Yeah…  Who left the cutter blade next to this box?! We’ll need to have a word with our artists.

Dunk ‘n’ Drown Delights

These wee tasty buggers sacrifice their lives day in and day out so we can get through the day. Here is to all the biscuits that are no longer with us.

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