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Animating anthropomorphised objects in serious distress might not be the marketing move we need to attract those big corporate clients, but, gosh darn it, it’s our passion.


Eat Shit! It’s the name of our latest animation, we are not insulting you. 


It’s the story of a toilet roll peacefully minding its own business, with still enough paper for at least 500 roly polys. Then just like in life, all of a sudden, the unexpected. Someone’s flushing. Ooooft. Sounded like a big one. Toilet roll starts to run for its life! But its fate is sealed. It chose to run away, and here we are now. It could have compromised, accepting the dirty work, lowering its roly poly potential by just a bit. But no. And now, it can roly poly no more. That’s the harsh reality of life – sometimes to survive you just have to eat shit.


We never feel more like ourselves than when we are murdering our own animated creations in comical ways, so we had a great time throwing this together. We only wish we had this idea during the infamous toilet roll shortage of 2020.


Toilet roll companies of the world, who is brave enough for a new marketing strategy?


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