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We had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Holotype Studio to visualise a bunch of possible designs for Marianne Eaves’ new Kentucky Bourbon, Forbidden. We landed on our final look with this striking geometric design, and we think it really compliments all the characteristics of this amazing product.


As a Scottish studio we quite ashamedly don’t know a lot about whiskey, but we loved to get to know more about “the water of life” through this project.


Being a female Master Distiller was forbidden until the mid 1970, and Forbidden is the first small batch release by Kentucky’s first female Master Distiller. This is an extremely high-quality bourbon, and even though we aren’t whiskey experts, we sure put all our effort into producing renders that would showcase this product as best as possible.


It was a brillant project, and we think we managed to make a pretty tasty render!

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