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Mesh: Performance management

We partnered with Laserbee to provide the animation and design for this explainer video for Mesh, their newly launched performance management tool. We’re really proud of this project, as this was probably the first large project we took on as a team and as a freshly formed Ammonite Animation studio. The end result is definitely a step up in production from what we were used to!


Effective communication is key, especially in HR strategy, and 3D animation can be an extremely effective solution to create engaging, entertaining and informative content to present new (or existing!) tools, explaining their functionalities, and making them appealing, interesting, and fun to use.


The ability of 3D animation to convey complex ideas in a tidy and visually pleasing way, presenting concepts in an easily digestible manner, makes it an invaluable asset for businesses and organisations looking to effectively communicate their message.


We’re so happy to have been part of this project with Laserbee and are excited about the potential of 3D animation to empower companies and innovate the way they present and implement new solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of HR and performance management.

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