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Papa John’s Christmas advert 2019  

We worked with Forest of Black on our very first Christmas Advert for big Papa Johns, no less. Have a wee gander below to see what it was all about. 

This advert was made in support of the charity Crisis, working to end homelessness. For more info or to donate, follow the link

The workflow for this project was quite unique in comparison to most 2D animations, due to how 3D was integrated into it. Below is a quick breakdown of what we have done, it’s going to get quite technical.

To start with, a 2D animation was provided by the director. The Illustrator designed the characters and the environments, the characters were then recreated in 3D, and the environments were projection-mapped into 3D space. After this, the characters were animated in 3D and then sent off to a 2D animator as a reference for the motion. 

This workflow gives the 2D animation a much more realistic perspective and a very unique aesthetic, and although this was a much more complex process than usual, the end result was very much worth it.


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