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We gave all the generalists at Ammonite the prompt “Rolling Worlds” and told them to make a looping animation. Here are the results!

Derek The Diplodocus

Derek the Diplodocus, hopelessly and forever fleeing from the infamous asteroid that caused quite the kerfuffle those 66 million years ago. And you think Sisyphos had it bad.

Neville The Necromancer

A dark and mysterious necromancer floats through a long-forgotten graveyard raising his infinite army of the dead… but he’s not up to anything evil, he just wants a few pals. We know he looks wicked but trust us, how can this guy be evil? He has a pet crow, how many evil people do you know with a pet crow? Like, one. Maybe two, tops. He is probably fine.

The Terrible Tassel Biker Gang

The Terrible Tassel Biker Gang rolls through the desert in search of some terrifying trouble to cause. In the past they have been caught doing some treacherous things like poking a dead bird with a stick, glaring at passers-by and leaving skid marks everywhere from the road to their jeans.
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