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Okay, time to get a little bit soppy. This animation is a little outdated now, as the team has grown through the years. The Ammonite team is now 7 people strong, but it does feel like yesterday that Glen finally took the plunge and moved from freelance 3D artist to small business owner and started Ammonite as an official studio. 


First, there was Glen. Then Thomas joined the team as a director, dealing with all the businessy stuff, and Jo joined as a 3D artist to help out with all the animating. And the rest is history. Having a highly specialised and close-knit team has always been the goal, since Glen started messing around with 3D some 10 years ago, and now that we’re actually here, it is almost overwhelming. 


The past few months have been, without a doubt, the happiest working experience of our lives. Working with a great team, where everyone trusts and relies on each other, lifts all the weight of uncertainty off everyone’s shoulders, each of us can focus on what we do best, and everyone can also pick up some new skills in the process.


This animation now has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, it makes us realise how much we have grown, and it makes us think of how big this moment was for Ammonite, that just a simple post announcing the company wasn’t going to cut it. So here is the beginning of it all. We are happy to present “The Story Of Ammonite”.

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